2016 BAC Seattle to Vancouver

June 30 - Bellingham to Oak Harbor

After a standard breakfast, we gathered at the truck around 8:30. Our gruppo was joined by Greg Abrahms. He needed a slower pace than the one set by his roommate, Ben Satterwhite. It was cloudy, cool and windy when we left Fairhaven. We stopped at a grocery store to pick up some supplies and then we were off. After climbing some steep rollers and fighting headwinds on the flats, we stopped in the village of Edison for a rest and some pastries at the Breadfarm Bakery.

We continued on the route for several more miles hugging Padilla Bay for a while. At lunch time we started watching for the Farmhouse Restaurant. Apparently our eyes were not open because we missed it. We stopped by the side of the very busy road deciding whether to cross it or go on. I was the only one to continued on the route while the others seekd out a place to eat. I settled for a banana before I rode on by myself.

After several miles and a couple of very steeps bumps in the road, I reached Deception Pass. The roadway on the two bridges is narrow with lots of traffic. I was afraid to ride with the traffic, so I dismounted and walked on the pedestrian walkway. Besides, I wanted to see the view. There were lots of tourists on the narrow walkway and was difficult to go past them. But everyone was friendly and I had no problems. Here are some photos that I took in 2005:

A Cliff Bar at the pass gave me enough fuel to keep me riding. I hooked up with Nancy for a while. A call on my cell phone from Loretta warned me of a slight change in our route because of a closed road. I relayed this to Nancy and rode on to the Best Western Plus Harbor Plaza in Oak Harbor. My room wasn't ready, so I walked across the parking lot to China City for and afternoon snack. A chicken Lettiuce Wrap hit the spot.

After Happy Hour, some of us went back to China City. I sat with Jon Graff and Helga and Roy Smith. Jon and I shared Mushu Chicken and Kung Po Shrimp. They were good.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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