BAC Piedmont - 2014

May 31 - Barolo To Bubbio

A rainy day. I rode with Julie Leever Vickie and John Beland most of the day. We had no problems following the route although it was so cloudy and foggy that we could not see much of the countryside. We had one stop for coffee and pastry. Because of the rain, we took the shortest route possible. It was hilly but not steep. We reached Castello di Bubbio in Bubbio around 1:00. I showered and tried to wash the road grime from my cycling clothes. I might have to buy a new GPC club jersey when I get home.


For lunch, I stopped at a nearby bar and had a panino and beer with several of the group. One of the beers was a craft brew from Bra called In Bra Nata, a white Belgian style ale from Italian brewery Birra del Borgo. Not bad. While we were there, the weather began to clear.

We had an excellent dinner tonight. The school bus picked us up at the hotel and drove us a couple of kms to Agriturismo Tre Colline. The dining room was very large and sat several other groups along with our 24 people. We started with a small appetizer with strawberries and a green molded vegetables. Then we had flat noodles with a meat and tomato sauce. My main course was asparagus with fried eggs on top. It was really good. Dessert was a non-flour chocolate cake with strawberries. Of course we had lots of wine and a shot of grappa at the end.


Here is today's ride:

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