Europe 2015

April 30 - Córdoba to Cabra

I had an early breakfast this morning. Cindy and Jane showed up later. We decided to leave at 9:30. This gave me time to program our route into my GPS. A lot of good that did. Our objective each day is to follow the cycling route. When we started down the major highway, I knew that something was wrong with my GPS directions. We turned around at the first available off-ramp, retraced our route, turned off the GPS routing feature and began using the cycling route sheet. This led us onto some beautiful country roads. I am very jealous of our cyclists and frustrated that I cannot ride with them.


Towns that we passed were Santa Cruz, Fernan Nunez, La Ramba, Montalban de Córdoba and Montilla. We squeezed into a parking garage in Mantilla and went on a search for snacks. We found a small pastry shop and had some fat pills and coffee. Then we wandered down the main very narrow semi-pedestrian street to get a feel of the city. The street was lined with retail shops, banks and civic buildings. There were no tourist shops and no tourists other than us. When we saw Barry and Martha going past us, we turned around and walked back to the garage to catch up to them. The congenial attendant in the garage helped me pay at the machine and then directed us to the exit. It is not easy to maneuver our big car in compact spaces. Have you ever heard about ten-point turns?


We drove our last leg to Cabra still following the cycling route sheet. Once in Cabra, I had to enter our hotel into the GPS or we would have been hopelessly lost. Hotel MS Fuente las Piedras is about 2km out of town. It is nestled in olive groves and has a beautiful garden and patio surrounding a nice swimming pool. The weather was perfect for a swim - sunny and warm.


Being lunch time, I went directly to the hotel's cafe. I ate a Spanish version of a club sandwich along with a large beer. Then I took it easy until Happy Hour.


We are now in a wine growing area. As a treat at Happy Hour, we had some of the Spanish version of sherry. It was a nice change from the normal beer and wine.


Dinner at 8:00 was another marathon of small courses, several of which we couldn't identify. Dinner was over at 10:00. No photos today.

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