September 28 - Lyndonville

What do you do if you are tired and sore from four consecutive days of cycling? In my case, I took a day off and enjoyed resting at the Wildflower Inn

In my journal from yesterday, I mentioned that I had a really good dinner. My breakfast was up to the same standards. Eggs were cooked perfectly and the toast and bacon were up to par. The bacon didn't have much flavor and the coffee was OK. The meal was a giant step up from the previous stop in Newport.

I used the washer and dryer that were in a separate small lodge where the Leevers and several other guests were staying. My cycling clothes needed it. After that, Julie, Tom and I went into St Johnsbury in their car for lunch, sightseeing and shopping. I had a good grilled cheese and tomato sandwich along with home made blueberry pie at Anthony's Diner. We stopped for a quick tour of the St Johnsbury Athenaeum and Library. It's a beautiful building both inside and out. After shopping for Happy Hour, we drove back to our inn. To keep busy, I did some minor bicycle maintenance. With little else to do, I went to my room to catch up on news, email and FB posts.

We had the usual Happy Hour. Then it was dinner at the inn's restaurant. I ate with John Beland, Trever Frid, Julie and Tom Leever. I had a Brussels sprout salad and tasty pork with apple sauce. The portions were large. I couldn't eat it all.

The Wildflower Inn sits on a ridge. It's composed of several buildings. The main house contains the dining room, a bar and a sitting area. Snacks, including chocolate chip cookies, are served in the sitting area each afternoon. The view from the main house looks over a beautiful valley and a ridge with thousands of trees that are just beginning to turn. Our meeting house is a few feet down the road. It has the same view. A few people in our group are sleeping there. Most of us are across the lane in an old building that might have been a stable house. Our view looks east onto a low grassy hill. I haven't ventured up the hill to see what's on the other side. We store our bicycles in a barn which is next to the main house. Next to it is another large barn that rents mountain bikes. This is a popular area for trail riders.

Tomorrow I will be on my bicycle again riding a scenic loop.

Athenaeum Photos:

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