2016 BAC Seattle to Vancouver

June 28 - Around Vancouver

Breakfast was not included in our room rate at Hotel Sylvia. Nevertheless I ate there with most of our other cyclists. I had oatmeal with a raisin scone. We had a ride around the city scheduled for today. Loretta said that we would have wheels up at 8:30. If we were not ready, we would be left behind. A few elected not to ride.

We rode west along the shoreline of English Bay and through some upscale neighborhoods with warm, sunny weather. We skirted the University of British Columbia, went through Pacific Spirit Regional Park and made our first major stop in Queen Elizabeth Park. It was here that we had views of the city and the gardens below us. Then we hustled to Granville Island where we stop and bought lunch in the food court of the Public Market eating outside with the seagulls.

We split up at this point with some of us riding back to the hotel and some taking one of the little ferries.

After a short rest, Greg Abrams and I decided to ride around Stanley Park. Because our hotel was very close to the park, it was easy to get to the start of the bicycle trail. The direction is counter-clockwise. It is very busy. Bicycles and pedestrians have their own lane. Sometimes the bicycle lane is very narrow and it is diffecult to pass other riders, especially the inexperienced ones. The views are magnificent. You can see Vancouver Harbor, the mountains in the distance, the Lions Gate Bridge and English Bay. You can't see the park's interior because the path goes along the parimeter of the park next to the seawall.

Greg and I rode together for most of the way. After we went past a particular narow section where I passed several riders, I looked back and couldn't see him. I thought that he stopped to take some photos. I learned later that he had a flat tire with new spare tube and he had to walk back to the hotel.

After cleaning up, I needed some recovery food. So I walked to Cupcakes and bought two very delicious cupcakes. I spotted this shop when we arrived yesterday and vowed that I would find an excuse to go there.

After Happy Hour, I decided to go solo for dinner and eat at the hotel. I had small plates of crab cakes and squid in a spicey red sauce.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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