Europe 2015

April 29 - Córdoba

The coffee at Hotel Hesperia is the very best. The pastries are great. We have fresh grapefruit and oranges. If you ask, they will make you an omelet. I am happy.

I toured the Mezquita this morning along with several hundred others. Because it is so large, the crowds did not get in the way. I spent a couple of hours there and it was well worth it. The red striped columns are spectacular and the church within the mosque is strange. The Christians who took over the mosque had enough foresight to leave the vast majority of the mosque alone, only destroying a small part of it for the chapel.


I came back to my room afterwards. My shoulder is getting much better, but it can't take a lot of walking around.


Back across the Roman bridge, I had tapas for lunch at Casa Pepe de la Juderia . I am finding my favorite tapas. Then I ventured out to see more of the old part of town by wandering through new districts and trying to not get lost. I made it back to the hotel by mid afternoon for some downtime and to see if I could start typing my blog. I could, so you might have seen my posts. I can also take photos, although I don't have the flexibility to frame them well.

There was no Happy Hour tonight because everyone was on their own. I walked to the Jewish quarter near the old city wall and had tapas at Casa Rubio . Sitting outside in front of the restaurant, it was fun watching people and dogs strolling by. I walked back to the hotel on a different route.

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