2016 Panama Canal Cruise

2016 Panama Canal Cruise

March 17 - Kralendijk, Bonaire

We had another early excursion today, so we were up at 6:00 and had breakfast as the ship was docking in KralendijkBonaire. The is another small island controlled by the Dutch. The locals speak Dutch as well as the local mixed dialect. English is universal, too.


Our excursion was a boat ride through the mangroves. The tour was run by The Mangrove Center. The mangroves are heavily protected and controlled by the government. Only licensed guides can take people into the area. Mick was our guide. Parts of the mangroves are off limits to everybody. We saw lots of mangroves - red, grey and black. We also saw various sizes of small fish. Birds were hidden deep in the trees. We could hear them but we couldn't see them. Seven of us plus our guide were in a small boat with a quiet electric motor. We drifted through tunnels of trees and along some open water.

Back at the ship, Ann swam laps at the pool while I sat beside it finishing the New York Times crossword puzzle.


After our lunch on the Lido deck, I walked into town to take a few photos. Ann decided that it was too hot for her so she stayed on the ship. The town's buildings were just as colorful as the ones in Curaçao. I saw lots of souvenir shops and restaurants. The public park had a market with hand made trinkets as well as some nice photos and water colors. I headed back to the ship before I got fried.

We went up to the library and the Crow's Nest. I wanted to go to the library to check out the Internet options. Because of the high price and the slow speed, I decided to wait until we get home to read emails and Facebook postings.


We stayed in the Crow's Nest to read and to participate in Happy Hour. Pina Coladas and nice appetizers were good.


We had a full table at dinner. Ann had tika chicken, pasta and a blueberry mango crisp. I had a Caesar salad, crispy breaded trout and the blueberry mango crisp. We did our laps after the meal and then joined Sandy and Bob at the night's entertainment. We saw a ventriloquist who had a funny comedy routine.


This was our route to get here:

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