BAC Piedmont - 2014

May 27 - Saluzzo To Fossano

My East Bay friends and I left the hotel this morning soon after the morning drizzle abated. We rode along heavy traffic for several kilometers until our turnoff for the longer route shortly after Busca. The skies had cleared and we had wonderful views of the snow-capped mountains. Once we were off of the main road, traffic lightened up and we could relax riding along the fields of corn, some kind of grain and the usual fruit trees. We made a stop at a bar in Caraglio where I had some very thick yummy hot chocolate and a croissant.


We started out again joined by Patrice Van Fleet and Glenn Guenterberg. Pretty soon the grade kicked up as we climbed up to Montemale di Cuneo - 4.3 km at 10-14%.

At the top of the climb we filled our water bottles from the community tap and headed back downhill on a different road. The gradient and the wind were with us as we breezed at a pretty fast pace back to Busca. The weather had cleared and we had sparkling blue skies. We stopped in Busca at a cafe for lunch. The cafe was run by young Asians who were very accommodating. I had spaghetti in a light cream sauce with ham.


After that we charged up the road to Hotel Palazzo Righini in Fossano. This is a very nice hotel.


Our Happy Hour was down the street at a local cafe. Over wine and beer, we talked about how BAC works.


Dinner was at the hotel in its formal dining room. We started out with amuse bouche (a small portion of beans with pancetta); paccheri, vegetables and Burrata cheese; roasted octopus, beans cream and asparagus; bicerin - fiordilatte ice cream, chocolate and whole-wheat biscuit. I had a glass of Nebbiolo. I saved the menu so I could remember all of that.


Here is today's ride:

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