2016 Panama Canal Cruise

March 14-15 - At Sea

It is a long way to Curaçao. It takes two days to get there. We were afraid that it would be boring. It wasn't. We had breakfast each day in the dining room instead of the buffet. We sat with random people. The first morning I discovered that one of our table mates grew up in Tacoma, my home town. He was a couple of years older and went to our rival high school. He also was a cyclist and had pedaled cross-country on the southern route a few years ago. The second morning we sat with a retired forest ranger and his wife. He knew the ranger that Ann knew in Leavenworth.


Our days were spent at lectures, cooking demos, lunch and swimming. We got some reading done, too. Lunches were at the buffet. Lines were pretty long at the buffet and empty tables were hard to find. We doubled up with others and learned more about our newest friends and all of the cruises they have taken.


Dinners were in the dining room with Bob and Sandy. We were finally joined by our third couple, Sam and Marilyn, during our dressy meal. We will have more of these gala affair dinners later. Food continues to be very good. It's nice to order anything we want without having to worry about the bill.


After dinner, Ann and I strolled on the Promonade Deck to settle our meal and get a little exercise. Then we went to the 8:00 show. The first show was a good song and dance troop. It's theme was love songs. The second show was a couple from Belarus who danced and changed costumes. This act was not as good.


Bedtime at 10:00 was normal.


The weather continued to be very warm and calm.


This was our route to get here:

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