Europe 2015

May 30 - Vaison-la-Romaine to CDG

We said goodbye to our beautiful old Hostellerie le Beffroi this morning. After loading our car with our luggage, we set the GPS to the Avignon TGV station. It got us there in plenty of time to meet our train, but we had to take a few detours because of road construction. A few new (to us) villages were on our route. We checked in the car and walked to the station. On the way, we noticed that a red carpet was laid on the ramp from the platforms. We didn't stand around to see who was coming, but we were curious. It was probably a local politician.


We were lucky to find some of our BAC group in the station waiting for the same train. We killed time with Gail Blanco, Alberto Lanzas, Kathy Koos, Gary Koos and John Petterson. Susan Carroll showed up on the platform just before boarding time.


The train we were on was a high-speed TGV train. The coach that we were on, as well as most of the others, was a double decker. We lugged our bags to the top deck and settled into our reserved first class seats. Even though we rode backwards all the way to CDG, it was very comfortable. Some day I will learn how to reserve seats so that we are seeing where we are going instead of where we have been.


When we arrived at CDG, we were confused because it looked like we hadn't pulled up to the platform. As we realized our mistake, we hustled off of the train before it left for the next stop.


Leaving the train station we found the airport's shuttle train, took it to Terminal 3 and went on a short walk to citizenM, our airport hotel. This is a new high tech hotel. We checked in at a computer kiosk. Our room key cards are programmed to work in the elevator, on our room door, in the casual restaurant/bar and other things we are not aware of yet. A mini iPad controls everything in our room including the blinds and shades, the TV, the air conditioning, the lights (on, off, color, etc.) and others. The room is small - similar to a basic stateroom on a cruise ship. Our huge king-sized bed is squeezed into the end of the room with the walls on both sides and the window at the end. It's going to be interesting answering nature calls in the middle of the night. The shower is terrific with a hand-held spray as well as a wonderful large overhead sprayer.


We had dinner in the restaurant/bar. The buffet wasn't too bad.

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