Europe 2015

May 27 - Vaison-la-Romaine Road Trip

After hanging out in Vaison for a few days and getting frustrated about not seeing the countryside, we figured out the best way to get a rental car. We walked to the Lieutaud bus station near the Super U. The express bus to the Avignon TGV station left at 10:30. After a few short stops along the way, we arrived at the Avignon TGV station at 11:45. It cost us 4€ each. We had a quick lunch at the station and then picked up our Alamo/Enterprise car. We programmed the GPS to take us on part of the first day cycling route. This worked well as we saw some good scenery from nice cycling roads.


Back in Vaison, I had to navigate the car through very steep narrow cobblestone streets, under an ancient arch that must have built for skinny horse carts, around two sharp turns and into our hotel's parking area. I did all of this while skirting pedestrian traffic. The parking area is perpendicular to the street with five long slots. Cars double up in each strip, so there is really room for ten. When people with one of the boxed-in cars wants to leave, the desk clerk must move the blocking car. When we come out in the morning, our car could be in a different a slot.


We had dinner al fresco again. It is so nice to eat in pleasant, quiet surroundings.

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