Europe 2015

May 21 - Vaison-la-Romaine

Because Ann and I were not riding, we had an opportunity to sleep in this morning. Our breakfast was in an empty breakfast room because everyone else was ready to ride. The weather was cold and very windy. We were happy to be in a warm hotel. Our hotel, Hostellerie le Beffroi, is a wonderful place to stay. We have a large, antique-furnished room called Jumelle. There are no room numbers. We get to it by climbing an old narrow irregular circular stone staircase. It is very quiet both from the street and from the other guests. Here is a short description of the hotel: "A residence built in 1554, this family house has been modernized and lovingly furnished by the owners of the past fifty years". We love it.


Ann and I spent most of the morning trying to find our way around the newer section of the city. Our objective was to find somewhere where we could rent a car so that we could explore the surrounding area. The recommended place was strangely in a supermarket called the Super U . When we finally found the market, we discovered that there were no cars available. Thinking positively, we were not too disappointed because we got a walking tour of the city and we can discover it in depth in the next few days.


The cold wind was getting to us, so we trekked back to our hotel and dropped off maps, cameras and non-essential items. Then we went to lunch at Pizzeria Le Vieux Vaison just below the hotel. We sat at a table next to the window and had a wonderful view of the city and the river far below us. We split a large salad and a salmon pizza with dill sauce. It sounds odd but it was tasty.


We older folks need downtime, so we spent most of the afternoon in our room by reading and dozing.


Happy Hour was at 6:00. Our theme tonight was self-introductions. We now know who everyone is in theory. It will take a couple of days to verify that. Dinner was inside again. The food was good but the noise was just as loud.

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