2016 Panama Canal Cruise

April 2 - San Diego

We docked in San Diego around 7:00. Were were greeted by a bright blue sky and cool temperatures. Our last breakfast was at the buffet on the Lido deck. Back in our stateroom we finished packing and got all of our things ready to carry off of the ship. We chose early disembarcation which meant that we were to be the first ones to leave and that we had to carry our own luggage. Being hardy folks, we were fit enough to do this. Before we could leave, customs agents had to come onboard and clear all of the non-US citizens. This took much longer than expected. We kept hearing announcements on the intercom asking for individuals to make their way to the agents. Apparently some people were not attentive.


We finally left the ship, passed through passport control, wandered out to the street and found Suellen and John waiting for us. It sure was nice to see family after such a long time. We put our luggage into their car and drove over to the Best Western Plus Bayside Inn. After checking into our room and dropping off our luggage, we drove out to the Ostrich Farm in Jamul for a good lunch and a good chat. The garden on the farm has no vegetables yet but the field is looking prime to start growing things. There are lots of fowl from incubating eggs to young chicks to full-grown chickens and roosters. The cattle in the grassy fields came over to check us out. Suellen and John updated us on their planned hay-bale house.


We left the farm late in the afternoon and drove back to San Diego for dinner at Stone Brewery Liberty Station. It was nice to have real beer again instead of the light weight brews on the ship. We got back to the hotel at a reasonable hour.


Here is a log of our trip:

This is how we got here:

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