2016 Panama Canal Cruise

April 1 - At Sea

This was our last sea day. We had breakfast in the dining room sitting with couples we had not seen before. I greeted them as we sat down and got no response from them. This was the first unfriendly encounter we had on the cruise. One of the ladies from Alaska claimed that she used to be a runway model many years ago and that she spends most of her time cruising. She was very talkative. The other people were almost rude.


The big function of the day took place in the Vista Lounge. Mario, our cruise director, gave us a slideshow about the behind the scenes crew life. We saw most of the areas behind the doors that were marked "Crew Only". It looked like Holland America treats its staff very well.


Mario also brought the crew up onto the stage by each of their groups so that we could give them our appreciation. The number of people on the stage made us think that the weight must have sunk the bow of the ship a few inches.


We had lunch in the dining room. Lunch is random seating so we were pleasantly surprised when we were seated with our dining mates, Sandy and Bob.


We wasted the afternoon doing very little. We attended our last happy hour and our last dinner in the dining room with Sandy and Bob. We skipped the night's entertainment and packed our gear instead.

This was today's route:

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