BAC New Zealand - 2015

February 19 - Harihari to Fox Glacier

We were under attack by Harihari mosquitoes last night. I finally put in my ear plugs so I couldn't hear their noise. I told them to have at it. I needed sleep and didn't care about bites. Ann had one bite. I had none. This morning I discovered that everyone else had the same problem. Such is life.


Breakfast was at a café next to the motel. Bacon and eggs with good coffee.


The ride started with cool temperatures and a little fog that was lifting. You can see from the photo above that it cleared enough to see the mountains in the distance. The ride was mostly flat until I reached 66kms. Before that, I stopped once in a café in Whataroa for a muffin and a long black coffee and again in Franz Josef in a café for a sandwich. I passed and was passed by several people in our group. I also rode for a while with a man from Bologna, Italy. His English was minimal as was my Italian, so we didn't talk much. Because his bicycle was fully loaded and heavy, I soon eased away from him. I caught Chuck Jackson at the Franz Josef city limit sign. We cycled together for another couple of kms and couldn't see the town. We were about to give up and stop by the road to eat our PB&J sandwiches when the town center suddenly emerged ahead.


Here are some more photos that I took along the way. Click on a photo to see a larger display.

After my Franz Jesof stop, it was time for some serious cycling. I had to climb three major, steep hills before a nice descent into the town of Fox Glacier. Before I started, semi-serious rain started. I put on my rain pants and rain jacket and started up the road. And I mean UP. There were three sharp climbs in my way. Part way up the first one, the rain tapered off. I was getting very hot, so I took off my rain gear and rode the rest of the way into Fox Glacier Township.

We are staying in a Top 10 Holiday Park. This is a chain somewhat like KOA except that it has cabins. Our group is nestled together in a group of cabins.


A few of us piled into the van and Asbjorn drove us short distance to see the Fox Glacier. From the parking lot, we took a long uphill path to the viewing spot. Fox Glacier is the only glacier in the world that flows directly into a rain forest. (I just discovered that we have been riding through a rain forest). The face of the glacier is not too impressive. I suspect that one of the many available helicopter that are for hire would get a more complete view.

Back in town, we had our regular social hour. Then we went to dinner in the main town area at the The White Pub Cafe & Bar . Ann had a lamb burger while I had venison. We sat with Pam Kane and Roberta Vallejo. It was a good meal with good conversation.

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