2016 Panama Canal Cruise

March 11 - Ft Lauderdale


We had a late breakfast this morning. We had it outside on the dock. Almost the same menu as yesterday except Ann had oatmeal. Coffee, fresh berries, English muffins, etc. The couple sitting next to us were from Holland. They are going on the same cruise as we are.

We needed some exercise, so we took a long walk over to the shopping/restaurant area along Las Olas Blvd. We crossed a couple of bridges and passed several waterways with nice houses and large yachts. Coconut palms lined the road. Our goal was to walk far enough so that we would be hungry enough for lunch. Our secondary goal was to see as much as we could of this district which was touted as the best shopping and eating area of Ft Lauderdale. We were a bit disappointed. There were some nice shops and galleries. Ann even browsed one of the stores to see if she could get a fancy dress for gala nights on the cruise. No luck. We managed to get hungry, though. We stopped at a cafe where Ann had a good flatbread open-faced sandwich with sweet potato fries. I had half of a Cuban sandwich and a salad. Our lunch specials included a large and very tasty brownie.

We debated whether to take the bus back or to walk. We decided to retrace our route and walk back to the beach. Along the way, we crossed the same bridges as before. This time I took a photo of the control house for the drawbridge with a water taxi going underneath it. Our route back to the hotel included a stop at CVS for a few supplies. Then we lazed around the pool until it was time for dinner.

We had an OK meal at the Quarterdeck. My blackened shrimp tacos were pretty good and the local mango IPA was tasty. Ann's turkey burger was blah and her margarita was weak. We ate outside on a slider table. (Ask when we get home). There were some tanked up obnoxious people around us and we'll as major traffic passing us. This was one of life's experiences. Our walk back to the hotel was along the beach. The bars were active.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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