Europe 2015

May 8 - Vejer de la Frontera to Málaga

This morning the cyclists left early. Their goal was to reach Tarifa in time to pack their bicycles and get on our chartered bus in time too reach Malaga at a reasonable hour. Montesclares goal was to drive the support van to Málaga to drop all of the suitcases at our hotel, pack the bike boxes into the van and meet the riders in Tarifa. My goal was to get to the Málaga airport, turn in the rental car and meet Ann shortly after 4:00. I had plenty of time to do that, so Cindy and I played "tourists". We tried to visit the Trafalgar lighthouse but the road was closed. This is near the site of the Battle of Trafalgar where Admiral Nelson any many of his crew were killed after winning the battle. We did, however, get to tour Baelo Claudia, a Roman village next to the town of Bolonia abutting the Atlantic. These ruins were a fishing village and we're still being restored.


Cindy and I had lunch in Tarifa. I left her there to meet Dave and ride on the bus to Malaga with him. I drove on to Malaga passing the Rock of Gibraltar on the way. Gibraltar is a huge mound that is surrounded by flat terrain. It is not subtle.


After finding my way to the Enterprise section of the rental car garage (it was very confusing and not well signed), I turned in the car and met Ann at the airport with time to spare. We took a taxi to Hotel Monte Málaga , had a bite to eat and met the cyclists as they arrived on the bus. The plan was for everyone to meet in the bar for some farewell drinks after cleaning up. This didn't happen for us. Ann was too jet-lagged and fell asleep early.

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