2016 Panama Canal Cruise

March 24 - Corinto, Nicaragua

We docked in CorintoNicaragua this morning. Not being in a hurry, we had a leisurely breakfast in the dining sitting with couples from Holland, Australia and upstate New York. Blueberry pancakes were my choice while Ann had her usual oatmeal.

We left the ship around 10:00 and walked around the main street in the port area of Corinto. The city had an outdoor market with limited amounts of fruit and vegetables. There were a few stalls for vendors selling local crafts. Otherwise the town looked very depressed. Locals were walking or riding run-down bicycles for their transportation. Numerous pedicabs were vying to drive tourists around on the cobblestone streets. We walked and observed.


It was getting very hot so we walked back to the ship to cool off. Lunch was at the Drive-In, a special take out cafe in the Lido deck. We had tasty hamburgers and fries.

After lunch, we lazed around in our stateroom and in the Crow's Nest. We had limited television channels on our TV. Besides the special channels for the ship's various announcements, there was CNBC for financial news, MSNBC for liberals' news, Fox for conservatives' news and BBC for non-US news.


Happy hour was in the Ocean Bar. We settled on vodka and tonic as our drink of choice. "The Band" started playing at 5:00 each day. They consisted of two keyboardists, a bass guitarist, a regular guitarist and a drummer. They were pretty good. Good enough to be backup for the evening shows.


All of us were present at the dinner table. Sam and Marilyn were sporadic attendees while Bob and Sandy were regulars. I had a cold soup, over-cooked salmon and a cherry crisp. Ann had corn soup, lasagna and fruit.


After our laps on the Promonade deck, we went to the early show in the Vista Lounge. The night's entertainer was Woytek, a clarinetist. He played a wide variety of music from classical to swing. We enjoyed his music but his monolog was very stiff.


On our way back to our stateroom, I picked up a Holland America travel planner to find our next cruise.


This is how we got there:

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