BAC Piedmont - 2014

June 4 - Gavi To Torino

Early this morning Tom Leever packed our tour van with all of the equipment that he, Julie and the few people from our group were taking the Leever's next tour in Val d'Aosta. As you can see, it was completely full.


After another very good breakfast, we waited until our bus to theTorino airport arrived. We had a bit of controversy because it was a small bus that did not appear to have enough storage space for all of our luggage and bicycle boxes. There were enough supervisors in our group, though, to help get everything in. We were off to the airport.


The drive did not take very long. We arrived in plenty of time to make flights for those who were leaving today. The rest of us - John and Vicki Beland, Ron Guidotti, Michele Baber and I stayed on the bus. The driver drove us a short distance to the Jet Hotel which was across the autostrade from the airport. It was before noon so we had a lot of time to kill.

It turns out that the hotel has a very good restaurant. I joined Ron for lunch. Julie and Tom had just arrived with the van, so they joined us as well. When we finished, we decided to walk into Caselle Torinese to get some exercise, to get some gelato and to scout for a dinner restaurant. We couldn't find gelato.


Back at the hotel, we relaxed for a while and then had an impromptu Happy Hour with left-over wine and snacks. Then we walked back into Caselle Torinese and had a very good dinner at Unico Dinner Club.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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