Budapest To Bucharest 2014

May 16 - Bucharest

We were up early. After breakfast our bags were put outside of our rooms by 7:30. We vacated our room at 8:00. We were on our buses and driving to Bucharest by 8:30.


Our first stop was at The Village Museum an outdoor museum where we saw houses and other buildings that were moved from villages in different areas of Romania.

After the outdoor museum, we went to a lakeside restaurant that catered to large crowds of tourists. We had a forgettable meal accompanied by folk music and folk dancing.


After lunch we toured the Parliament Building which was built by Nicolae Ceausescu. This monster building is the second largest in the word behind the Pentagon. It was built by Romanians using Romanian material. Its cost was enormous and could not be calculated. Ceausescu forced people out of their homes and tore them down in order to build it. He was executed in 1989.


Our next stop was at the beautiful Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral. Then we were dropped off at the Radisson Blu hotel.


Ann and I were now solo tourists. We had a good Romanian dinner at Vatra. I had grilled sausage with cooked seasoned cabbage along with polenta. Ann had cabbage rolls and polenta.


Our room at the Radisson is nice with very fast free wifi.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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