Europe 2015

May 5 - Zahara to Arcos de la Frontera

I am very jealous. The ride today was epic and I had to drive it in a car. The first climb started near our hotel and climbed 600 meters in 11 km. It was cool and overcast, perfect for a long climb. There were lots of sharp curves and gorgeous scenery. The photo on the left shows Terri Bakke-Schultz From Anacortes with a big smile on her face as the first rider to reach the summit.


Although I was disappointed, the drive was beautiful. We were in alpine country for the first time. Cindy and I managed to navigate the route without too much trouble. We stopped in Prado del Rey to find some snacks, but no stores were open except for a produce store where I bought a banana. We bypassed the rest of the cycling route and drove directly to Arcos de la Frontera. The GPS got us to Hotel Los Olivos on an indirect route and we parked the car in the hotel's parking lot.

Our first order of business was to use an ATM to get cash. Then we went to a restaurant for lunch. After relaxing in the hotel, I went on a walk with Jane Maxwell through the old town looking at castles, churches and the beautiful white buildings.

After Happy Hour, I joined Roz Kaufman and Doug Beards from New York and Alice Higgs from Kirkland for really good tapas at Bar La Carcel (The Prison) . We ate outside in the old town on a very narrow street with cars and pedestrians passing right next to us. There was only one waiter serving several tables and he had difficulty keeping up. Wearing shorts, sandals and a shirt and sweater, I was getting cold by the end of the meal. After we left, I saw that there was plenty of space inside to dine.

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