2016 Panama Canal Cruise

March 23 - Puerto Caldera, Puntarenas

We had breakfast this morning in the dining room sitting with couples from Vancouver and Holland. A truly international table.


We had no plan for the day. No excursion. So we decided to explore Puerto Caldera, Puntarenas . It was a short walk to the end of the dock. Then it was another short walk on the main street along the shore. We saw lots of vendors, a couple of outdoor restaurants a several shops. I bought two t-shirts. Ann wasn't in a buying mood although she looked at things. It was getting very hot so we decided to go back to the ship.

Ann went swimming. I grabbed my iPad and returned to shore. I found the nearest internet cafe and hunkered down. This was my first internet connection since we left Ft Lauderdale. It took me an hour to go through 1000+ emails. I deleted 90% of them before I could read the ones that might have some good information. Ann had a couple of phone messages that Comcast digitizes for us in email format. I had some bicycling related ones. I need to unsubscribe to most of my senders.


Back on the ship, we had lunch on the Lido deck again. I have been standardizing on sandwiches and chips along with ice cream and cookies for dessert. The sandwiches were pretty good with lots of variety. There usually is an ice cream of the day along with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.


We spent the afternoon relaxing in our stateroom and in the Crow's Nest, a lounge on the 10th deck in the bow of the ship. As we were reading there, the afternoon team trivia contest started. On our next cruise with the Bensons and the Matutes, we will have to be regulars in this contest. We will be awesome.


Happy hour was in the Ocean Bar where we had the drink of the day. It was something fruity. A nice feature of happy hour is the appetizers and peanuts that they give you. The appetizers are just enough to take care of my afternoon snack attack.


We made it on time to the dining room for our early seating dinner. I had chicken in a peanut sauce. Ann had halibut. Hers was delicious.


After dinner we walked on the Promenade deck. Ann did not want to go to the night's show so I went solo. The show was a comedian that made jokes about people in the audience. Not as bad as Don Rickles, but pretty embarrassing. I left after 5 minutes. I don't like that kind of humor. Other passengers thought that he was very good.


This is how we got there:

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