October 3  - Burlington to Home

I got up early and had breakfast at the Best Western Windjammer. The airport shuttle was waiting for me at 8:00. At the airport, I walked up to the check-in counter with nobody else in line. I passed through Security and began a long wait for my plane. The plane was sitting at the gate but it was not loading passengers at the departure time. Somebody forgot to fill the water tanks. Once that was done, we departed about 20 minutes late. I was worried about making my connection at O'Hare, but the reliable United pilots made up time and got us in on time. It was a good flight mainly because I was in first class. I was served a good muffin for a snack.

I arrived at O'Hare but my connection flight was late, almost two hours late. No problems, though, because I had nothing scheduled at home. This was another good flight with good food and comfortable seats.

After landing at SFO, I found my bags and rolled them over to BART. The train was almost empty when I left, but it filled up with commuters when we reached the stations in the city. When I got to Rockridge, I had some really friendly passengers help me to split the crowd and get out of the train.

Ann picked me up and we drove home.

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