BAC Piedmont - 2014

June 3 - Gavi Loop

This was the the last riding day of our BAC Lower Piedmont at the Foot of the Mountain tour. We had a good buffet breakfast with killer croissants and the best, strongest coffee of the tour. Fortunately the caffeine did not overstimulate me and I chose to ride the shortest loop. I say fortunately because my legs needed a rest. The longer route would have almost doubled the amount of climbing.


I started out riding with Janet Monks and Julie and Tom Leever. The weather was sunny and warm enough to shed my jacket after the first, short downhill from our Agriturismo della Guardia. When we started climbing we entered a deciduous forest that looked very much like western Washington without the evergreens. We rode along a creek and between steep hills. The steepness of some bumps on our road reached double digits.


Taking a rest at a major intersection to regroup, we were joined by several other riders. Tom had fallen back, so Julie, Janet, Margie Kirk and I took off again to complete the rest of the climb. The views at the top were wonderful. We stopped so that Juile could compose a photo op.


The decent back down the hill was fun. I rode on at the bottom and went into Gavi. I was looking for the bicycle shop that had sold bicycle jerseys with local decals to others in our group. I found the shop but the jerseys were sold out.


Back at the Agriturismo della Guardia, I stripped my rental bike of my own equipment and put back the rental compamy's equipment as I watched others struggle with dismantling their bikes and loading them into carrying cases.


After cleaning up, a few of us walked up the road to have lunch at a trattoria that Vicki Beland ate in yesterday. She reported that it was wonderful. Unfortunately it was closed today. So we walked back and convinced Julie that she should load us into the van and take us into town - it was about 2 miles away. Four people were in the front seat while nine of us were crammed in the back. It was very hot and sticky. But it was worth it.


We found a restaurant and ate outside on the patio. I had ravioli with herbs and butter and grilled cheese. The cheese was a small round with rind - hard on the outside, soft and warm on the inside. I ate it with bread. Our table split beer and water and had espresso to top off the meal. Walking back to the van, we stopped for gelato.


I helped at Happy Hour tonight by slicing apples and melon. For dinner, Julie arranged a meal at our Agriturismo. This was planned to be a meal on our. Because the trek to town was so long, we ate here instead. We all had prosciutto and melon, a green salad with yummy fresh tomatoes, pasta (mine was spaghetti with olive oil and garlic) and terimisu. Of course we also had pitchers of wine.


Here is today's ride:

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