2016 Panama Canal Cruise

March 20 - Cartagena, Columbia

We had breakfast on the Lido Deck this morning expecting crowds because we were docking early in CartagenaColumbia and had a short day at the pier. After we ate, we took a long walk to the terminal alongside stacks of containers. It was warm and humid. The sky was grey but there was no rain predicted. The route through the terminal building took us past flamingos, peacocks and macaws along with hats, t-shirts, dresses and various items for sale.

Exiting the terminal, we got into a taxi which took us to the old city. It was difficult to explain to our driver that we didn't want him to take us on a city tour. When he dropped us off, it was also difficult to explain to his friend that we didn't want him to give us a guided walking tour through the old city.


We finally got free and had a pleasant but very warm walk through the narrow streets and on the wall that surrounds the area. There were several churches and a bunch of storefronts painted in very bright colors. Being Palm Sunday, there were not a lot of locals walking around. After all, it was only 8:30. The locals that we met were selling hats, sunglasses, necklaces and lots of other things. Other locals that we saw were carrying palm branches. They had been to church. The church that we went into was almost deserted. A few parishioners were sitting on pews listening to pre-recorded church music.


Because we had eaten breakfast so early, I was ready for my mid-morning snack. We went into a crowded cafe where I had a forgetful cappuccino and a pastry with chocolate. I wanted to sample authentic Columbian coffee. I was disappointed. Ann had a bottle of water. The place was crowded with locals having Sunday brunch.


We had arranged for our taxi driver to meet us where he dropped us off. He didn't show up so we caught another cab that drove us back to the pier. He wanted to take us on a tour of the new city, but we declined.

Hurrying to our stateroom, I grabbed my iPad and started back to the terminal where they had fast, inexpensive wifi. At he gangplank, I discovered that I didn't have enough time to look at my hundreds of email before the ship sailed. I went back to our stateroom.


We lazed around until happy hour and dinner. I had turkey while Ann had meatless meatballs. (How can they be called meatballs when they have no meat)?


We did our laps after dinner, this time walking a full mile. The main show tonight featured an acrobat. We passed.


This is where we sailed today. (The route is continued from yesterday):

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