March 10 - Ft Lauderdale

American Airlines got us from Oakland to Ft Lauderdale safely and comfortably late last night. We took a taxi to the Pillars Hotel. This is a small boutique hotel right on the intercostal waterway and two blocks from the ocean. Our room is small but comfortable. This morning we had a very good breakfast - mixed fresh berries, granola with yoghurt, English muffins and coffee. We ate in the small dining room. Tomorrow we will have our breakfast on the "dock" watching the boats sail past.

So what do you do with time to burn in Ft Lauderdate? We decided to take a walk along the beach. The wind was blowing pretty hard but the sky was partly cloudy and the temperature was in the mid 70s. I wore sandals, a short sleeved shirt and shorts. The white sand beach was pretty but the surf was ugly - very rough. The early birds were starting their tanning routine and the older folks were on brisk walks. We were more leisurely

We stopped at a beach wear store so that I could buy a more up-to-date bathing suit. There was a sale with everything discounted. In addition, you could buy two things and get another free. What a bargain! I now have a new swim suit, a new t-shirt and some new sunscreen. I am definitely ready for our cruise. Back at the hotel, Ann took a swim in the pool. She said it was very warm. I researched for a restaurant for lunch.

Our lunch was at LuLu's Bait Shack . I had some killer coconut shrimp while Ann had some good ahi fish tacos. I helped her to finish them. We also had some beer and wine. This restaurant, along with most important other restaurants along the shore, are set up for the beach crown. LuLu's has a couple of u-shaped bars and lots of tables. The doors are open to the weather. We sat at one of the bars. It was here that we realized that it is Spring Break. The place was jammed with college kids and a few liquor induced old men. It was fun.

2016 Panama Canal Cruise

As we walked back to the hotel, we couldn't help but notice how the crowd on the beach had multiplied. Hundreds of kids were milling around doing what kids do. Lots of posturing and posing. We are happy that we left that out of our lives 50+ years ago.

Back at the hotel we had some downtime sitting by the pool reading and napping. When it was time for dinner we took a short walk over the the Casablanca Cafe . I had grouper crusted with a pepper sauce with nicely prepared string beans and spinach. Ann had a spicy corn chowder and eggplant ravioli. When we told our waiter where we lived, he got all excited and told us that Berkeley was one of his favorite places. He is an actor and dancer and performed at Berkeley Rep. He loves Berkeley Rep and Berkeley Bowl.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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