Road Scholar - The Best of the Canadian Maritimes

September 11 - Quebec City

We slept in on Sunday morning but got up early enough to have breakfast at the hotel again. Ann had the crepes while I had granola with yogurt. Lots of fresh fruits were served again.


The weather had changed dramatically overnight. We had lots of rain. The temperature was cold and the wnd was blowing hard. Fortunately, we were on our own schedule and could duck into a shelter if we needed to. We decided to walk to the La Citadelle which is perched on the tallest hill in the area with a strategic view of the St Lawrence River. We went up to the top of the hill just to see the view. We should have entered the are and toured it, but the weather was too nasty for us. Maybe next time.


Then we walked down to the Musee de la civilisation where we spent several hours looking at the exhibits and eating lunch. The focus of the museum is on the various occupants of Quebec from the aboriginal tribes up to current demographics. It was worth spending time there especially because of the blustery weather outside.


We left the museum early afternoon and walked along the waterfront to the Quebec Public Market. We saw lots of local fruit, vegetables, meat, baked items and everything else that is made locally. Our walk back to the hotel took us through the lower town, up the hill with the funicular and along the now familiar streets.


Dinner was at Chez Boulay, an upscale bistro. We ordered too much food. For a starter, we had a huge platter of local meats. If we knew how large it would be, we could have stopped there. Ann had a large serving of gnocchi which was piled with greens and vegetables. I had goose and duck which was in layers of scalloped potatoes. We didn't finished and waddled back to the hotel.  

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