Road Scholar - The Best of the Canadian Maritimes

September 19 - Charlottetown to Saint John and the Hopewell Rocks

We had an early breakfast this morning because of our long bus ride to the Bay of Fundy and Saint John, New Brunswick. We traveled from Prince Edwards Island to New Brunswick via the Confederation Bridge. The bridge joins these two eastern Canadian provinces making travel throughout the Maritimes easy and convenient. The curved 8 mile long bridge is the longest in the world crossing ice-covered water (but not today). It endures as one of Canada's top engineering achievements of the 20th century.

We arrived at Hopewell Rocks around 11:00 or so. We had to time our arrival based on the day's tide. The tide was out when we got there but it was starting to change. Our naturalist-led tour started at the edge of a cliff. We walked down a stairwell with lots of steps to the bay's floor. We walked along the beach as our guide talked about the tides and the rock formations. As we approached the farthest rocks, we were chased back to the stairs by two tide chasers. These chasers make sure that nobody gets trapped on the beach by the fast-moving tide. We could see the tide moving up the shore flooding the area we were on. It was moving quickly.

We retreated up the steps and found our way to the bus and then to the interpretive center were our guide gave us a video presentation of the significance of the Bay of Fundy and coastal New Brunswick. Over thousands of years, the bay's mighty tides have shaped the landscape of coastal New Brunswick. The Hopewell Rocks are also called the Flowerpot Rocks and were created by the clash of continents, carved by melting glaciers and then sculpted by the clash of the highest tides in the world.

Lunch was at the interpretive center. Were had time do wander around outside of the interpretive center to get a view of the bay. Then it was time to get back onto the bus and drive to Saint John

We were welcomed at the Delta Hotel with cookies. This made us happy. The hotel is part of a large mall complex and located next to lots of shopping. Our buffet dinner was served in a conference room on the same floor as the swimming pool and the bar.

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