Road Scholar - The Best of the Canadian Maritimes

September 10 - Quebec City

Tylenol PM was my friend overnight. Although I had a solid night's sleep, I was a little groggy when we went to breakfast. The Manoir d'Auteuil has a very good breakfast menu with unlimited coffee. I had some wonderful crepes with real maple syrup. Ann had a croissant. Both choices were loaded down with fresh fruit.


Our hotel is located in the old town just inside the old city walls. There is a park and stables across the street wher horses and buggies are kept for the lazy or romantic tourists. Our room was on the third floor. There was no elevator so we walked up and down the stairs just like we do at home.


We decided to do a short walk around our neighborhood. I needed to stop at a pharmacy so we made that our focus. We did a loop so that we could become oriented. This included sighting the St Lawrence River and a brief tour through the lobby of Hotel Frontenac.  Back at our hotel, we dropped off our purchases and took a brief rest. Then we walked to a boulangerie for sandwiches for lunch.  Afterwards, we walked to the main tourist office where we met our 1:30 walking tour. Phil, our guide, took us on a two-hour plus tour of the old town. We started in the upper town where we spent most of the time. We ending in the lower town. Phil was an excellent guide and explained the history, culture and different phases of architecture in the old city. The weather was perfect - clear skies and temperatures in the 70s. We discovered that there are lots of short steep hills and hard pavement. We also discovered that the dominant language and culture are French.After the tour, we trudged back to our hotel for a rest.


Dinner was at The Hobbit Bistro. To get there, we walked under the old city wall into a newer section of town. It isn't new - it's just not as old. Our meal was really good. I had a pork steak with an excellent sauce which among other things contained little shrimp and larger shrimp that were perfectly cooked. Ann had beef ravioli with deep fried kale. I had some local cream beer which was mild and thirst-quenching. 

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