Viking Ocean Cruises - From the Caribbean to the Amazon

December 30 - 31 - At Sea

Weather high 80s, low 70s with some showers.

We had gone as far as we could on the Amazon. The ship had turned around and was sailing back down the river. All we had to do was sleep, eat, read and play games.


I like to get some exercise when I can, so I walk several laps around the promenade deck. When I do this, I usually look at the scenery floating past. This time I also looked at all of the insects that inadvertently hitched a ride on the ship. There was an immense variety of insects, mostly beetles and moths. I took several photos that became a bit grainy when I cropped them, but you can see what they looked like on the video on the right.

We took advantage of lectures and entertainment. Doug Cameron, who plays the electric violin, showed us his skills one night. He also told us a little too much about his young sons who are following in his footsteps.

On New Years Eve, the six of us went to Manfredi's for an excellent Italian dinner with lots of wine. We were seated at the same table as the last time, so we were getting to know our table's waitstaff very well. We paused briefly after dinner in the Atrium to listen to Hannah and the Viking Band singing and playing some jazz standards. But being of an older generation, we decided to skip the rest of the New Years celebration and go to bed.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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