Holland America Lines Cruise - Norse Legends & Northern Isles - 2018

August 3 - Bergen

We arrived in Bergen at 8:00 at Jekteviken/Dokken. This is an industrial port just south of downtown. Skolten dock is closer to downtown, but it must have been full so we docked at Jekteviken. Because it is a working port, safety issues were involved and we had to take a shuttle bus to the terminal gate. Joined by Ellen, this is what we did. Our goal was to walk over to the funicular and ride up to Mount Fløyen. This would give us a spectacular view of Bergen on the surrounding country. We had to abandon our plan because today was one of the 300+ days with no sunshine and one of the 200+ days with rain. The visibility would have been too poor. Ann and I had been to Bergen once and it rained then, too.

So we decided to walk into the center of town and absorb as much of the old city as we could. Our route took us through the fish market where vendors were just getting set up for the lunch crowds. And there were crowds on this high season day in spite of the weather. With all of the seafood around I was inspired to buy a delicious fish cake. Ann and Ellen passed because of the possibility of shellfish and gluten. It was too early to indulge in paella which some of the vendors were preparing.

We then walked along the harbor with vintage steamboats on one side and Bryggen buildings on the other side. It appeared that a festival was going on with old ships, autos and machinery lining the harbor side. Captains were entertaining the crowd by tooting their steam horns. The old Bryggen buildings did not stand out today, being dulled by the rain.

We managed to walk into the really old part of town past old churches and though narrow alleys until the bad weather became too much. Finding our way back to the ship, we dried out and ate lunch.

We sailed at 5:00. Dinner was in the main dining room. Entertainment was at the World Stage where the Koningsdam singers and dancers performed a review of hits from Billboard's lists.

© 2016 Robert N Lynn

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