Holland America Lines Cruise - Norse Legends & Northern Isles - 2018

August 15 - 16 - At Sea and Alesund

August 15 - At Sea

Several exciting things happened while we were at sea today. First, we had to set our clocks ahead by one hour. We had fallen back two hours since we left Amsterdam and we were gradually changing back. Second, our passports were returned to us. We had given them to customs officials before we reached Scotland. Third, we had dinner in the main dining room. In the meantime, we read, ate, swam and played Rummy Tile.

August 16 - Alesund

It was damp, cool and overcast when we docked at Alesund. Ann and I left the ship shortly after we arrived at 10:00. We intended to walk the 418 steps to the viewpoint on Mt Aksla. We climbed a ways on a dirt path util we encountered some slippery stone steps. Being conservative elderly people, we thought that we could get up the steps without problems, but we were not confident in walking down. So we decided to take a walk in the woods instead. We were high enough to get some good photos, though, and the walk in the woods was pleasant.


After finding our way back to the center of town, we walked over to the side of the inner harbor that we had not been to a couple of weeks ago. There was art nouveau architecture in this side too. Our focus, though, was to find a good place to eat. We settled on Anno, which was on the list of recommended restaurants by HAL. I had a really good fish stew while Ann had a huge chicken salad. A crispy pint of beer was also tasty.

We boarded the ship mid-afternoon.

Our third dinner at Tamarind was just as good as the other two.

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